Tom Hartvigsen

Assistant Professor

Data Science

University of Virginia

(working from Cambridge, MA until July'24)

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Hi! I'm an Assistant Professor of Data Science at the University of Virginia. I am spending the 2023-2024 academic year in Cambridge, MA where I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at MITPreviously, I was a postdoc at MIT working with Marzyeh Ghassemi. Before that, I did my PhD in Data Science at WPI where I was advised by Elke Rundensteiner and Xiangnan Kong.


I'm broadly interested in machine learning and natural language processing. I work to enable responsible model deployment in ever-changing environments, especially for health.

These days, I mostly focus on:

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Outside of research, I enjoy bouldering, biking, books (science fiction/science fact), birding, juggling, vegan cooking, and playing guitar. I also spent a summer living at BioSphere 2 in Arizona.