Tom Hartvigsen

Assistant Professor

Data Science

University of Virginia

Visiting Assistant Professor



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Hi! I'm an Assistant Professor of Data Science at the University of Virginia.  I am spending the 2023-2024 academic year in Cambridge, MA where I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at MITPreviously, I was a postdoc at MIT working with Marzyeh Ghassemi. Before that, I did my PhD in Data Science at WPI where I was advised by Elke Rundensteiner and Xiangnan Kong.

I am recruiting highly-motivated students to join my group at the University of Virginia. Please email me with your CV if you feel you're a good fit for my group!


I work on making machine learning responsible and trustworthy enough for deployment in shifting environments, especially those in healthcare. To achieve this, I work on building:

Currently, I am most excited to work on:

Keywords: Updatable Machine Learning, Time Series, Large Language Models, Robustness, Interpretability, Fairness.

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Outside of research, I enjoy bouldering, biking, books (science fiction/science fact), birding, juggling, vegan cooking, and guitar. I also spent a summer living at BioSphere 2 in Arizona.