Tom Hartvigsen, Ph.D.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Pronouns: He/Him

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Hi! I'm a postdoc at MIT working with Prof. Marzyeh Ghassemi. My research spans machine learning, data mining, and applications to improve healthcare.

I received my PhD in Data Science from WPI in 2021, where I was a GAANN PhD Fellow advised by Professors Elke Rundensteiner and Xiangnan Kong.


I'm making machine learning and data mining methods deployable for healthcare. I focus on core problems in time series and natural language data when:

The projects that excite me the most: (1) robustly model dynamic environments through time series, (2) prevent perpetuating bias via machine learning and/or (3) have impact through real-world deployment.

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Outside of research, I enjoy bouldering, biking, books (science fiction/science fact), birding, juggling, vegan cooking, and guitar. I also spent a summer living at BioSphere 2 in rural Arizona.